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Sometimes it seems so hard to be able to make anyone notice you, especially hot looking women. Thanks to the scientific breakthrough of pheromones, this can begin to change for you. Pheromones are the scientific term for the scent used to generate sexual arousal in a mate, and they can make you highly desirable.

Science has managed to recreate human sex pheromones in a labratory environment, which means you can apply a small quantity of pheromone concentrate to your cologne or natural body odour - and begin to really notice a difference, as people begin to really notice you!

It has been well documented that pheromones can trigger powerful sexual responses in women. Unfortunately, evolution has robbed men of the ability to naturally produce sufficient quantities of these pheromones to have a discernible effect on the opposite sex. The pheromones that men do produce are often weakened in potency by deodorants and antiperspirants.

Pheromone Test Sample ResultsA survey of 100 men using Nexus Pheromone's Androsternone Pheromone Concentrate formula showed remarkable difference in their sexual desirability in a comparison of before and after using the product. 92% of men using the product noticed an increase in eye contact from women, 76% reported women they didn't know striking up conversations and 81% of men surveyed reported being approached by women!!! Unsurprisingly 68% of men also reported an increase in sexual intercourse and dates as a direct result of pheromones!

The powerful effects of sex pheromones have been well substantiated. You may have seen stories about human pheromones on CNN, 20/20, Dateline NBC, ABC News, Hard Copy, or many other television programs. Newspapers from coast to coast, medical journals, and many different magazines have featured stories about the amazing discovery of pheromones. Even Internet medical websites such as WebMD have reported the positive effects of pheromones.

Just one bottle of human sex pheromones such as Nexus Pheromones can begin to change your life!

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If you'd like to start getting more eye contact, more conversations, and more dates with women - pheromones can hold the key! Pheromones work to boost your sexual arousal on women, and can help unlock their hidden desires for you!

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